Software Product 

Research & Development

Revanish Corporation was started to provide as umbrella for projects created by the founder Revanth Matha. Current areas of development & deployment are Mobile Applications, Cloud Infrastructure, Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and IoT 


Industries Revanish Corporation has expertise in are Healthcare, Real Estate, Public Utility Infrastructure & Digital Media for both enterprise & consumer software.

Our Services

Cloud Solutions

Engineer integrations into AWS & Azure taking into account cost, security reliability & scalability  

Mobile Application Development

Building native solutions for IOS & Android allow work to be done on the go, reduce paper & receive notifications

Augmented Reality

Interact with the world through a mobile device or headset. Use spatial computing to track location & assets.

Computer Vision

Analyzing RGB of pixels allows determination of useful information providing business intelligence via reports

Natural Language Processing

Understanding context of communication allows generation of responses that flow with the conversation. 

Edge IoT

Sensor's provide data that needs to be analyzed and processed locally in areas where internet is not accessible